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Police declared the incident 'a deliberate act,' but did not offer a motive and said the two men in the SUV were yet to be charged.Witnesses described vehicle running a red light just outside Flinders Street station – one of the busiest spots in central Melbourne – shortly after 4.30pm and was eventually halted when it crashed into a bollard (top right).When Guy Sebastian (inset) bought a mansion in Sydney's eastern suburbs, his neighbours were thrilled at the prospect of living next to a celebrity.But a two-year demolition and construction nightmare (left, pictured this week) has infuriated neighbours on the Maroubra street - one of whom is considering selling to escape the drama.

Tony Abbott accused the Australian prime minister of being worried about losing 30 Newspolls after he was left out of the new cabinet, but said he was the 'last person' Malcolm Turnbull wanted there.

Three heartbreaking years after their disappearance, Mr Speath got a knock on the door with what he described as 'the best Christmas present'.

On Wednesday morning, heartache turned into elation when Australian Federal Police officers showed up at his home with his missing children.

And this week, former Bachelorette Sophie Monk was grilled about her romance with Stu, and plastic surgery, when she appeared on Hard Chat, with ABC's Tom Gleeson.

The 38-year-old former Bardot singer was left completely shocked when asked: 'What's more fake, your relationship with Stu or your face?

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