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We find Dante, in 1301, prominent among the ruling , to the proposed grant of soldiers to the pope, which the Cardinal of Acquasparta had demanded by letter. He is said to have been sent on a mission to the pope at the beginning of October, but this is disputed.On 1 November Charles of Valois entered Florence with his troops, and restored the to power.To take any part in public life, it was necessary to be enrolled in one or other of the "Arts" (the guilds in which the burghers and artisans were banded together), and accordingly Dante matriculated in the guild of physicians and apothecaries.

In one of his odes written at this time, the "Canzone of the Three Ladies" (Canz.On 7 May Dante was sent on an unimportant embassy to San Gemignano. he confirmed the anti-Papal measures of his predecessors, banished the leaders of both factions, and offered such opposition to the papal legate, Cardinal Matteo d'Acquasparta, that the latter returned to Rome and laid Florence under an interdict.Shortly after his return he was elected one of the six priors who for two months, together with the , the chief magistracy of the republic. Guido Cavalcanti had been among the exiled ; having contracted a fatal illness at Sarzana, he was allowed, together with the rest of his faction, to return to Florence, where he died at the end of August.At the beginning of April the whole of the White faction were driven out of Florence.A few years before his exile Dante had married Gemma di Manetto Donati, a distant kinswoman of Corso, by whom he had four children.

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