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To improve support for queries that return multiple series we plan to track state per series in a future release.

Below your conditions you can configure how the rule evaluation engine should handle queries that return no data or only null values. In alert tab you can also specify alert rule notifications along with a detailed messsage about the alert rule.

The state changes are visualized as annotations in the alert rule’s graph panel.

You can also go into the First level of troubleshooting you can do is hit the Test Rule button.

Currently only the graph panel supports alert rules but this will be added to the Singlestat and Table panels as well in a future release.

Here you can specify the name of the alert rule and how often the scheduler should evaluate the alert rule.

Read the notifications guide for how to configure and setup notifications.

Alert state changes are recorded in the internal annotation table in Grafana’s database.

However, to my surprise, AVG was able to detect and block most of the executables that I tried to run.The message can contain anything, information about how you might solve the issue, link to runbook, etc.The actual notifications are configured and shared between multiple alerts.But regardless, I guess this is a handy feature to have quick access to in order to see the installed applications at the time the image was acquired.I see the AVG2015 folder under Program Data directory but not much more: So with this, now we get to the reason why we started this project – timeline!

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