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Turkey suggests Islamic forces, and this view is supported by the other nations involved (Ezek 38.5), namely Persia (Iran, now 99% Muslim), Ethiopia (Heb: Cush) and Libya (Heb: Put).All this is pretty specific on location and seems to involve principally Arab-Islamic nations in the Middle East! If Israel is to be invaded from the north, then, if only from a geographic viewpoint, Syria must be involved (see Fig.1).The 1988 Hamas Charter says 'Islam will obliterate Israel'.Their objective is to replace the Jewish state with an Islamic caliphate, link.

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In the light of such statements, Israel's border locations seem academic.

From a biblical point of view, the land of Israel was given by God to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants, see The Purpose of Israel.

The biblical injunction to Israel is to occupy the land but embrace the foreigner in the land.

Nevertheless, in the absence of war, this hatred of Israel surfaces as a conflict over 'occupied land', 'illegal settlements', and the religious significance of Jerusalem.

For a detailed legal defence of Israel's land occupation see Israel's Legal Borders.

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