Dating someone ten years older than you

'This was in a room full of people, with all of them nodding in agreement and pointing out what was wrong with me.I mentioned I didn't like the way my front teeth overlapped and the team sent me to the dentist.She's also had to spend £1,000 of her own money in order to try to find a solution.

The operation took six hours, with frequent pauses for filming.Not only does she say she was treated more like a product than a person, but she's been left in agonising pain due to the cosmetic dentistry - a set of ten veneers - she was given as part of her makeover.The veneers, which were inserted over her own teeth by Ten Years Younger dentist Dr Surinder Hundle in London in March last year, have left her unable to drink hot or cold drinks without a straw.Regret: Julie Davis was left in agonising pain after appearing on Ten Years Younger It is a heartwarming format that draws in thousands of viewers every week, and has turned stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones into a household name.Naturally, when Julie, a childminder, was accepted onto the show last year she felt nothing but excitement about the journey she was embarking on.

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