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Middle School and a leader in the group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), wrote to allies early Thursday morning saying she was “In Need Of Your Support Once Again.” “Fox News is waging a hysterical witch-hunt against me because of my prominence in the Bay Area movement against Trump and his Breitbart white supremacist backers,” she wrote.“The fact that I stood my ground against a Fox News demagogue-journalist was a surprising humiliation to him and the Fox News audience, and has driven several hundred Trump supporters into a frenzied attempt to create a new witch-hunt.They have made hundreds of calls to the Berkeley school administration attempting to frighten school officials into firing me.” Charles Burress, Berkeley Unified School District spokesman, estimated that at least 1,000 emails and calls came in this week urging just that.“They continue to come in,” he said Thursday at about noon.Expressions of support, on the other hand, have been slim.When BUSD tried to schedule a private meeting with Felarca about the issue, “employees in the District office were confronted with a loud group of over ten young people …chanting and carrying signs” to protest “teacher harassment.” In the meeting, according to the letter, Felarca said she was being targeted and harassed, while the district said her “abuse of personal leave has been significant and repeated multiple times over a few short months,” contrary to the teacher contract: “It was evident that your claims of ‘harassment’ and ‘targeting’ were an attempt to try to manipulate and bully District officials into not holding you accountable.” Meanwhile, the students who had gathered entered district offices and were disruptive, and Felarca refused to answer questions about how the group knew about the meeting in the first place, according to the letter. ” The Facebook post encouraged supporters to sign a petition that called Felarca a hero and role model, and said she should be allowed to use personal leave at her discretion. “It is apparent from your Facebook posting that you enjoy defying the administration and taking an adversarial position against the administration of your employer,” BUSD wrote.

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Her supporters have previously come out by the dozens to say Felarca is an excellent teacher who focuses on helping students learn how to stand up for themselves and stand up for their rights.The district did not say why it placed Felarca on leave, citing confidentiality laws, and ultimately brought Felarca back into the classroom in November following repeated protests at School Board meetings by her supporters.In October, Felarca filed a civil rights lawsuit against the district saying BUSD had interrogated her students, removed her from a staff meeting, and threatened to withhold funding, for longstanding programs, from colleagues who expressed support for her.The 30-page letter documents allegations dating back to 2009.The letter said Felarca’s performance “reflected unprofessional conduct and unsatisfactory performance,” and said both are grounds for dismissal.

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