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She spent the next ten minutes either reading from some menu or putting me on hold while she asked around the office if anyone knew what to do.Finally she directs my wife and I (neither of us will ever see 65 again) to crawl around our basement looking for a “panel” a “power outlet” “find a battery and disconnect it” etc.Yesterday, Tuesday, 17 October 2017 that benign passage of time ended.A contractor hired by the HVAC company, whose improper installation of an upstairs air conditioner resulted in water leaking through the second floor ceiling and down the walls, elected to patch replace the drywall and speed the paint drying by use of a hair-dryer.Today, ADT is the largest security system provider in the US and Canada with nearly 6.5 million subscribers.Tagged as: adt corporate address, adt corporate headquarters, adt corporate office, adt corporate office address, adt corporate office email, adt corporate office fax, adt corporate office phone, adt corporate office phone number, ADT customer complaint desk, ADT customer complaints, adt headquarters, adt main office We have had ADT for almost 13 months.I called the customer service number 800-689-9554 and they told me that the .00 would be refunded in two (2) weeks to 30 days.

I still needed to “code & CANCEL” to silence the alarm but no phone work was necessary, except for what followed alarms #7, 8, 9 and 10.They both told me that they would need me to put .00 on temporary hold from my bank account.I gave them my bank card number and they told me it would be a temporary hold and would be refunded immediately if I should not take ADT.This tool held too close to a fire detector resulted in a series of system alarms the first three of which were responded to by ADT monitors within seconds of the Claxton blaring.Input “code” and CANCEL and phone confirmation was thrice repeated before the fourth monitor offered to put our system “in test” so ADT would not respond.

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