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Recently I've ordered Criterion's new DVD of Edward Yang's much lauded "A Brighter Summer Day".After seeing the old print on a Chinese bootleg, I can safely say that the restored picture is a revelation, one of the best epics I've seen in recent memory.The greatest radiation of all took place early in the Cambrian period, when most of our animal phyla evolved: see List of animal phyla.

It's little moments, like playing pool, fixing a radio, a game of basketball, and a dinner party - while they seem unimportant, it's what makes the movie special, especially when it all comes together in the end.Between the troubling scenes of violence, there is great warmth and humour, always subtle and endearing.There are also political undertones, like when Xiao Si'r's father is questioned by the police for being suspected of having Communist ties.At 217 minutes, this film is a quiet and personal film, but also an epic in the sense it's trying to tell the story of a whole generation, through the conflicts of the characters and their struggle to fit into a society that has no room for them.Xiao Si'r (Chen Chang) is the centre of the drama, and his life is observed with a patient calm by the camera, each detail having time to sink in.

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