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There's just something about spending time with someone you hope to grow to love, while she already loves something you do, too.And the best part is finding out she's played a sport you get to know her.In Melton’s book “Love Warrior,” she also opens up on her personal struggles with similar issues, such as bulimia, alcoholism and a confused self-identity. She has never been afraid to be herself, even when the world told her not to be.” The mom of one said that Wambach teaches her to be herself each day, and is loyal to her family and friends — a trait she truly admires about her.Melton said she found strength within her new partner. The kids call her an M&M because she looks tough on the outside but inside she’s really mushy and sweet. “She’s unwaveringly good to Craig, to the kids, to Sister and to all my people. She loves me for all the things I’ve always wanted to be loved for. My person.” Melton’s Facebook followers were heavily engaged in the passionate post, as it received 15,000 likes and over 4,000 comments and shares.

And if I were ever elected President (haha) or became a Senator I'd propose a bill, to make Football THE national sport!!Roll the dice for a second, see if you got the right play then repeat ad nausium.This is how football fans see soccer though don't they ?I gotta tell ya, when I go to a sports bar with my Bucs jersey on and talk to all my football buds, they're behind me 100%.Now I just have to figure out who has a measly 250 million dollars to throw at my campaign!!!

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