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Windows 2000 introduced Driver Verifier, which was the single greatest gift ever to be bestowed upon driver writers.

Some examples of common, equally valid module paths are: The path used greatly depends on how the driver was installed and the current data of its Image Path value.

This API is responsible for querying the host to determine if a mapping exists and, if it does, transferring the data to the local machine.

By way of observation, this API takes as the first parameter a pointer to UNICODE_STRING that indicates the module path on the target.

Unfortunately, we find that people either don’t know about KDFiles or tried it but gave up after battling with the syntax.

In this article, we’ll revisit the need for KDFiles and provide a bulletproof method for determining the correct mapping syntax for driver replacement. Developing drivers on Windows requires two machines: a host machine for development and a target machine for running the driver under test.

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