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To provoke public interest and debate on current foreign policy issues, we hold public lectures by prominent public figures, leading politicians and diplomats.

We also organize conferences and round-table discussions with Bulgarian and foreign experts, to contribute to the exchange of expertise and to the foreign policy theory and practice.

It is my determination that in the coming years we will firmly establish ourselves as a supporting factor for the Bulgarian Diplomatic Service and for Bulgarian Foreign Policy in enhancing the prestige of Bulgaria both at home and abroad.

Tanya Mihaylova Director of the Diplomatic Institute 9: start of 13th Diplomacy course for trainee attaches at the MFA; 18: discussion on The EU during the Maltese Presidency and Where Bulgaria Stands, Sofia Hotel Balkan; 27: public discussion within the Debates with MEPs programme, on the topic The Future of the European Project, Central Military Club, Sofia; was created on 23 September, 2003, pursuant to a Decree of the Council of Ministers.

and current topics and practical issues in the field of international relations are discussed, within the context of the experience and practice of the Institute.

The Diplomatic institute also provides to the participants in the meetings copies of its publications journals, books, collections, handbooks, etc.

Therefore, the training was of key importance for my further professional development and I am grateful to the Institute for giving me that opportunity.

To enhance our public outreach, we aims at strong media and digital presence, and maintain our own radio broadcast, a webpage in Bulgarian, English and French, Facebook and Twitter account.

My participation in the Basic Course in Diplomacy and my successful completion of it allowed me to acquire my first diplomatic rank, i.e.

it gave me the opportunity to join the Bulgarian diplomatic service.

As of 2013 the Institute also holds national contests for applied research projects.

Among our publications, in Bulgarian and/or English, are the Foreign Policy Research Papers series, the Energy Diplomacy collection, books and textbooks on EU matters, security and environment issues, diplomatic skills and practice, as well as the long-established Diplomacy Journal which has already grown into an online platform for foreign policy analysis and research.

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