Who is nadia buari dating presently

And if you have also wondered why both Jim and Nadia aren’t seen coupling it up together in public any longer, Wonder no more.This article will come through as good news for all those who imagined Jim Iyke taking advantage of the Ghanaian goddess but will certainly settle as bad news for all the “NADJIs” who expected Africa’s biggest celebrity wedding./ Pictures Of Jim Iyke And Nadia Buari @ The Nile Awards Last Night. some people on this forum are insulting ghanaian men because Nadia Buari is dating Jim Iyke. First of all, if any Ghanaian man wanted to Date Nadia Buari, Nadia Buari wouldn't Have been single by now.Secondly, Nadia has dated a few prominent men in Ghana but unlike Nigerian Media which like to poke its nose into everything this girl does, Ghanaian media doesn't.

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Thirdly, when it comes to beauty in the Ghana Entertainment world, Both Nadia and Yvonne Nelson sure know that they have equal competitors.a recent survey conducted on ghanaian men on who the 10 most beautiful and sexiest ghanaian female celebrity proved Ghanaian men didnt think Nadia was sexy. Check out some of the beautiful women in our entertainment industry and you expect Ghanaian men to stick to Nadia. neither of them look happy.d relationship won't last and I feel bad for nadia because jim iyke is a a walking can of worms.

Clearly, Essien choice of Akosua as against Nadia means he has marked the script himself and made his choice.

After breaking up with Nadia, news broke in Ghana that she had secretly married a rich Nigeria based tycoon.

This report was run by Trace and I’ll let you read from the horse’s mouth: – After reading this piece, you sure will consider The Trace the TMZ of Africa; especially after all we had to go through to derive this exclusive information when no one at Team NSB agreed to an interview with our reporters.

Well, if you have been wondering why Jim Iyke isn’t regular in Ghana like he used to be, this is your juice!

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