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After a period of time has passed, he generally decides to look past whatever perceived wrongs she’s committed.Of course, the revelation regarding Victor’s actions sparked upheaval in this instance. Newman long ago, thus partially creating the pair’s current stalemate, as Nikki hasn’t pushed for a reunion yet.March 10, 2017: Hazel-E from Love And Hip Hop has been working with teenage rapper Rose Burgundy for nearly two years – but she’s been dating him ever since he turned 18 – a little less than a year ago.The two are set to be featured on the new season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Victor hasn’t had time to look in another woman’s direction since Nikki left the Ranch. Nick (Joshua Morrow) discovered and then revealed that his dad worked with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) against Adam (Justin Hartley).That bizarre scheme inadvertently led to Adam’s apparent death.The effects naturally wore on her through the years.

Then again, life’s circumstances or a family matter could also serve as an impetus toward reconciliation.The two connected near the slopes when Michael admitted to Whitney that "he didn't know how to ski." His next move was to ask Whitney to teach him—but he (surprise, surprise) ended up being a pro himself. Fast forward two years to June 2015, when the couple visited Michael's ranch in Texas. “It was just the two of us, in the most special place to us in the world, no one around for miles. We cried and laughed the whole way down the hill,” Whitney told .A few days later, the couple visited Italy for a celebratory trip—and that's where wedding planning began.And, in case you're wondering, the couple meet on Bumble.Whitney and Michael first met IRL back in 2013, when they were both vacationing in Aspen for Christmas.

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